Thursday, November 13, 2003

What is it Worth?

What is it worth to send the Shrub back to Texas? How much anger do you feel each time you read about another American soldier's life wasted all because Bush Co. did not have a plan for post war Iraq? How incensed are you when you realize that half of Bush Co. opted out of the Vietnam War because they had the connections to avoid service, yet they have no reservations about sending other people's sons and daughters off to fight a war that would not have been necessary had Bush the Senior done his job; that was predicated on weapons of mass destruction that appear not to have existed; that alienated almost the entire world community?
Does it make you cringe to think of religious ideologues packing the Federal bench? Do you have nightmares about the debt being left to future generations because of Team Bush's fiscal fiascoes? Does the thought of four more years of John Ashcroft snooping into your computer files and through your trash give you the willies?
Then do something about it! Go here and give just $100 (or more if you have it!). All it takes is for two million Americans to give $100 each and we can end the reign of Little Lord Fauntleroy.


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