Monday, November 10, 2003

Blame the Manager

So often we refer to the inner workings of campaigns as "inside baseball", and late last night Team Kerry took the proverbial axe to the manager. Obviously there are times when a manager is to blame for his team's failure, but this is clearly not the case. Kerry is an awful candidate, which means Jordan was at the helm of a ship without sails, yet lots of wind. People have been known to walk away from a Kerry appearance muttering to themselves, trying to understand just what it was the Senator said. The man is incapable of giving a straight answer. Instead he wraps himself into verbal pretzels leaving his audience, and perhaps himself, confused. He is a man who has been on at least ten different sides of the Iraq question and even a cursory look at the issues portion of his website will reveal that he hopes to be on both sides of nearly every issue and pander to every group. If Jordan had a good team, with a good pitcher instead of a pander bear, maybe his team would have won. However, he was strapped with a single A pitcher in the World Series. Poor Jim Jordan.


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