Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Two Whiney Rants for a Gloomy Tuesday

For some reason, people in the Midwest are unaware of the amazing new technology called turn signals. Now, either they fail to teach the proper use of said turn signals in driver education or people just seem to think that their fellow drivers are Ms. Cleo. It is all the more ironic (moronic) when you think of how SLOW these people drive! I'm talking 50 in the far left lane of a three-lane highway. One has to assume the slowness is out of concern for safety. So then why can't you signal to let me know you are about to cut me off?

And, what is with the new J Crew catalog? Over the years the women's section has taken up more and more pages, but this Winter catalog takes the cake. Not only do women get more pages than men, but they now have several of pages smack dab in the middle of the men's section. Can anyone say gender discrimination?


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