Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Site Update

Just another quickie to let you know the links have changed. There are now a host of good Clark links and I changed a few others around. I am toying with the idea of delinking the major blogs, only because I think most people are already reading them. Maybe if I just link the smaller sites it would help their traffic. Still have not made up my mind yet.
On another front, law school orientation has begun and I do finally have all my furniture and my apartment is set up, with the exception of bare wall space and floor space (if anyone wants to donate some prints or floor plants, hint hint).
I plan/hope to be back to blogging more regularly next week, assuming all goes as planned. I also sent out feelers to my law school community to see about starting a collaborative blog, because between school, bodybuilding, this blog, and now my Clark cheerleading, I have oh so much free time (Oy..). I also wonder how much of my political writing will now be discounted as mere Clark rhetoric (I hope not).
Lately I have been limiting my writing to the comments sections on a few other blogs, but I am saving the really good stuff for here (yeah, right.. as soon as my mind generates something worthwhile).


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