Thursday, July 24, 2003

Mean Dean Meme? Try Dumb Dean

There has been more than a little bit of kvetching in the Dean bunch about the Mean Howard Dean meme in the media and on the lips of pundits. And they point to his fairly frequent labelling as the angry candidate, or the candidate who has tapped into Democratic anger, etc. But let me throw another one out there- meme, that is- which could get some more play as the campaign continues- Dumb Dean. Now, I do not mean dumb in the sense that Dean is not intelligent, because he clearly is one of the brightest men in the race. But he has an uncanny ability to say DUMB things.
For example, when the statue of Saddam Hussein was being toppled, Dean remarked that he supposed it was a good thing. One can be anti-war and still see that the end of a tyrannical regime that killed tens of thousands of its own people is indeed a good thing, without any ambivalence whatsoever. But Dean seems not to have learned from this mistake and again put his foot in his mouth when he argued that the ends did not justify the means (the ends being the killing of Uday and Qusay Hussein). Huh?
The world is now rid of two murderous, serial rapists who were quite likely behind some of the attacks on US troops and Dean talks about ends and means? Iraqis can feel a little bit safer now that these two thugs are gone, yet Dean expresses no happiness for the Iraqi people, no sense of relief that their lives might be just a little bit better today than they were yesterday.
I am sure that the Dean mullahs will not be happy with the Dumb Dean meme, but they have only their savior (oops, candidate) to blame. From shooting from the lip on Iraq to lying about his opponents' records, the Deanster is his own worst enemy. But the mujahiDean and their assorted and sundry Kool Aid imbibers only seem to get more enamored with each flub (see, MTP aftermath). And they say that liberals are too smart for cults..


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