Sunday, August 03, 2003

Back Soon

So the trip to St. Louis is over and I, along with a few key possessions, have arrived at my new home. I was struck at how different the rest of the country is from my beloved Northeast. On route to St. Louis I passed a huge cross, complete with a trailer for a visitor's center/gift shop and another huge billboard with the word "Jesus" beaming out at me in radiant letters. I wonder why it is that many of our displays of religiosity/faith tend towards the garish. Maybe a society that has televangelists hawking salvation in 30 minute infomercials begets such unheavenly displays of faith in its semi-public sphere.
Back to the subject though. I still don't have furniture or a home internet connection, so blogging will be random and light for most of the week. To be honest,
I have sort of retreated from world events over the past few days. But I promise to be back soon with witty an incisive commentary on the P2004 race.


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