Monday, June 09, 2003

As someone who supported the President on the Iraq War I am growing ever more suspicious over the supposed intelligence indicating the presence of WMD. Now, I supported toppling Saddam Hussein for human rights reasons more than WMD, but this President sold the American people, and our allies, on the threat posed by Saddam. If no weapons of mass destruction are found, Bush will be a goner in 2004. But, absent some credible evidence that the intelligence community is to blame, the President should resign. I don't want to jump to conclusions, but the evidence seems to indicate that whatever intelligence there was had been misrepresented by the administration. If so, this rises above the level of Watergate. This administration may have risked American lives on false premises, lied to the American people and to Congress and our allies. All from the man who claimed he would restore the dignity to the White House. What a sham!


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