Monday, June 02, 2003

Civil Disobedience?
The WaPo has a story in Saturday's paper about the increasing number of college applicants who refuse to answer the race question. Despite admissions officers claims that such an action makes the process neutral, the reality is that it becomes anything but, as noted by John. Applicants receive preferences based on their race, so if race is an unknown then one would have to assume that the "race-anonymous" person would be treated the same as a white applicant. In other words, s/he would not be eligible for an admissions boost, while those who disclose minority status would still get such a preference.
It should be apparent that the only people who would engage in such behavior would be protesting white or Asian students or particularly anti-affirmative action minorities. What would make much more sense is for people to lie about their race and claim to be an under-represented minority. Using the anthropological fact that we ALL descended from Africans, we could all claim to be African American/black. There is no proof of race required on applications, but I do think that you swear to the accuracy of the information. A potential consequence could be that an offer of admission would be rescinded once you got to campus and were not the colour you claimed to be. But boy, wouldn't it be fun to play this game and show the silliness of the system.


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