Sunday, June 01, 2003

Whatcha Been Up To?
The posting is still on the light side as I am devoting more of my free time to other pursuits. Some of these are optional, recreational pursuits- reading, listening to music- while the other part of my time is being taken up with getting everything arranged for my move to St. Louis later this summer. I have been getting estimates from movers, going online to look at apartment resources and gyms, and booking my trip there in two and a half weeks. The whole Law Student Loan process has eaten up too much of my time, simply because of an old bankruptcy and loan default. But that seems to be all cleared up now and I am well on my way to begin at Washington University in the fall. Or, I should say begin again, seeing how that was the law school I attended on the first go 'round when I was still young and dumb (nine years ago).
Though this blog will still focus on current affairs and politics, I hope to introduce a bit more on music and books over the coming weeks. Also, once school starts there may be a bit about my travails as a 30 something law student. I want this blog to be a bit more broad in its scope because all the focus on politics was getting a bit monotonous even to me, someone with politics in his blood. Also, it was causing me a bit of tunnel vision and time that should have been spent enjoying life was instead spent in front of a computer, being bombarded with words and images of our sometimes cruel and stupid world.
I decided that it was time to lighten up and enjoy my life. Not just because I have three difficult years ahead of me, but because sometimes intensity takes its toll on your psyche and you become distant from others, especially those whom you love. I am also reminded that I am supposed to be the change I want to see in the world, and the more I lament, in words, what the world is, the less engaged I am in being that change.


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