Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Eco Terror?
No, I am not referring to the raping of lands in Nigeria for oil exploitation. This is about the tactics now being used by environmentalists against their opponents in industry. According to this CNN story eco-activists are turning to a form of terrorism to achieve their goals. The eco's target the homes of executives with late night/early morning (we're talking wee hours here) demonstrations. One group's website says, "We know where you live, we know where you work, and we'll make your life hell..."
One could certainly equate these types of actions to the fringe anti-abortion groups, which have been labelled terrorism by many in the pro-choice camp. But one wonders how silent many liberals will be on this one because they agree with the enviro-groups' aims. Groups have turned to this type of action because arranging and managing a successful boycott is so much more difficult. Plus, with the internet, it has become almost free of cost to mobilize protesters.
Ultimately, this is an instance in which the court of public opinion will decide how right or wrong these tactics are. If the public is turned off, support for eco-groups will diminish. If not, then other groups will use these same means to advance their agendas. Only time will tell.


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