Monday, June 02, 2003

If You're Not Angry...
Then you're not paying attention, right? While my anger may take a different form of expression than some of my more left-leaning peers it is still present. With the exception of my posts on the issues surrounding gay rights and the Religious Right, I try to be level headed and not to resort to name calling or simple invective. I do not believe that there is anything inherently wrong with being rich, white or Republican, but to many Leftists there is something evil about all three. I prefer to take on people of the Right over policy matters and try to avoid demagoguery, when possible.
However, my reluctance to bash should not be viewed as some sort of tepid endorsement or quiet acquiesence to the present administration. I am mad as hell with the Bushies. This administration has lied almost pathologically to the American people from matters involving Iraq and weapons of mass destruction to the true cost of the tax cuts. It is an administration which has put forth some of the most radical Right wing candidates for the Federal bench, in order to provide some red meat for the Wingnuts. At the same time it claims to listen to the gay community it says that Senator "Man on Dog" Santorum is an inclusive person. Huh?
It has sheperded through the most drastic restriction of civil liberties ever seen in the Patriot Act and wants to take away even more with Patriot 2. The Bush administration operates like some sort of secretive star chamber, refusing to release documents pertaining to its energy task force and to the investigation of 9-11.
Conservatives like to ridicule liberal social programs as "nanny-state", but what we have with the Bush administration is the "poppy-state" where citizens are not told the truth because the government knows best and are stripped of their civil liberties in what has become something straight out of 1984 replete with Big Brother monitoring your emails.
It's no wonder that so many people are so angry. And my anger only grows at how willing some of my fellow Americans are to blindly follow the Bushies off the cliff (after drinking the Kool Aid). There was a time when I considered sitting out the 2004 election if the Dem nominee was not to my liking. But how can one sit idly by as this administration ruins this country, its economy, its fiscal solvency and its international standing for generations to come?


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