Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Unforgivable Sins
The comments made by some of the Hollywood folks with respect to Roman Polanski returning to the US got me to thinking a bit about morality and forgiveness. For those who are unaware, Polanski was charged with plying an underage girl with drugs and alcohol and then raping her. He fled the country while on bail and has never returned to the US. Yet, despite the despicable nature of his crime there are those in Hollywood, including Harrison Ford, who are hopeful for a Polanskii return. They are willing to overlook his awfulness as a human being because of his skill as a film maker.
It reminds me a bit of former UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who was charged with being a sexual predator for his attempts to lure underage girls from the internet into sexual liasons. And, despite this awfulness, many in the media have continued to give Ritter face time as an expert on Iraqi arms. My own local public radio station has hosted a lecture by Ritter and continuously brings him on air as an expert. I wonder how much of their willingness to overlook Ritter's awfulness is driven by their shared anti-war ideology?
I am continually amazed by how willing some individuals are to overlook a person's moral turpitude, as if somehow character did not matter in the face of talent or expertise. The above mentioned individuals are not accused of a consensual sex act with an intern. They stand accused of taking advantage, or attempting to take advantage of young women. There simply is no forgiving of such a transgression in my mind. If there is any forgiveness it is up to God, because I cannot and will not forgive such unpardonable acts.


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