Tuesday, March 25, 2003

For Leiberman
Anyone who knows me knows of my fondness for Joe Leiberman, dating back to his defeat of Senator Lowell Weicker. Leiberman has always appealed to me as a moderate straight shooting person. Granted, I do have matters of disagreement with the Senator, especially on social issues and religion where he is a bit too conservative for my taste. But his support for ousting Saddam Hussein and his lack of fear about using US force as a tool for good in the world allows for a certain level of forgiveness.
I must say, though, that his remarks in Tucson Sunday may be enough to swing me over into the Joe 2004 camp. In comments about the UN's role in a post war Iraq Leiberman said, "They can help us achieve what we want and share the costs, but I wouldn't feel obligated to bring them in." Leiberman said that the United States commitment to ousting Saddam and risking American lives gives the US a right to determine the fate of a post war Iraq. God, comments like that are going to get Joe killed in Iowa and among the peaceniks of the Dem Party, but will win him accolades from the American people.


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