Tuesday, March 25, 2003

So Much for Non-Violence
Is it just me or isn't the anti-war movement supposed to be about non-violence? If so, someone needs to tell the peaceniks at the Universities of Iowa and New Mexico who smashed the windows of the ROTC building at UI and painted anti-war graffiti at both campuses. I am all about free speech, but there is a difference between speech and vandalism. Perhaps the mental midgets responsible for these actions have yet to learn that lesson.
It is despicable that this sort of thing should happen at what ought to be the bastion of free speech in our country. If you are anti-war, by all means go out and demonstrate, march or hold teach-ins, but don't vandalize. It does nothing but make your movement look immature, silly and petty. I suppose if you cannot win the debate on the merits of your argument, then you have to resort to defacing property.

(New Mexico)


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