Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Best and Brightest?
Interesting report from a Harvard senior who witnessed last week's anti-war protest in the Yard. He noticed the usual collection of unreformed Stalinists, anti-Zionists and Socialist Workers Party members. But then he got to the intellectual heft of some faculty members and found--
"Here, at last, was the immorality of the war made manifest. Let's summarize: George W. Bush, aided by a handful of ghouls, is removing Saddam Hussein from power so that he can put an SUV in every garage, oppress the poor, and commit election fraud. This was precisely the sort of serious thought I had hoped for."

He closes with this observation, which I think is apropos of most of the anti-war movement--
"...Harvard's high-minded intellectuals recite their usual litany of complaints about capitalism, about globalization, and above all, about George W. Bush. Yesterday's protest was an exercise in many things: vanity, condescension, evasion, arrogance, and smug self-righteousness. But it failed miserably as an effort at persuasion."


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