Sunday, November 12, 2006

People I Hate

You know you're bored when you start writing out a shit list.

1. Joe Lieberman- Is there a bigger douche bag in American politics? Holy Joe and his sanctimonious bullshit continues unabated. Just after the Democrats retake both houses of Congress and several state houses, Joe says that both parties are on probation and that this was not a major realignment. Can you be any more clueless than Joe Lieberman? The sooner he is out of public life, the better.

2. Fox News- It took less than a week for the right wing news outlet to link liberal blogs with terrorists. You now know the new Republican talking points for the next two years.

3. The morons who watch Fox News and think it's accurate- Yeah, you're really well informed. Please stop voting (and breathing).

4. Mainstream media- When will you stop repeating Republican spin as if it's reality? Guess what, most of the Democrats elected on Tuesday are centrist to center left. They are not conservative. This was NOT a victory for conservatives. The country expressly rejected "conservatives" like Bush and his congressional handmaidens. Oh, and maybe you might want to fucking notice that stem cells passed in MO, abortion ban tanked in SD and anti-gay marriage lost in AZ. Boy, what a conservative country, huh?

5. Jim Carville- Go ahead and mount your movement of one to take out Howard Dean and replace him with Harold Ford. It was you and your cronies in DC who said Dean's 50 state strategy was a silly waste. But, guess what, it fucking worked. We won races you and your pals in DC would have had us sit out. And we lost races your fellow DC boy Rahm Emanuel poured millions of dollars into. Maybe what you ought to do is get a job for the RNC when your wife takes over.


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