Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Two Out of Three

Ain't so bad. I picked Kirsten Gillibrand to oust frat boy wannabe John Sweeney in NY 20. And I hit that one. I also picked Jim Webb to knock that cracker, racist pick Macaca Allen out of the Senate in VA. And I hit a home run there.

But, on the negative side, I did go with Ford in TN Senate. It was a close race, and maybe if Ford was not African American I would have been three for three. And please don't see me any hatemail saying that race didn't play a role in cracker ass Tennessee. Take a look at the NRCC and Corker's ads. They were covert attacks on Ford's race.

P.S. I should apologize for any typos or incoherence, as I have polished off an entire bottle of champagne and I am clearly a lightweight as far as alcohol goes.


Anonymous Hanna said...

I am sorry I crashed early and missed the end of the election results and was unable to have more than a few sips of the M champagne with you. It was obvious I was getting sick. I am glad we re-took the House and Senate though! ~Hanna

10:16 PM  

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