Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Post Election Ruminations

Something that really stuck out to me last night as I watched the election coverage on CNN was the ridiculous spin and lack of journalistic honesty. At the time, it didn't bother me all that much, probably because we were kicking the crap out of the GOP. But what Bill Bennett, JC Watts and the rest of the gang on CNN were engaged in was a clever ploy to recast yesterday's results. According to the chattering class on CNN, the Democrats who won were "different" than regular Dems. We were told that these new congressmen were more conservative.

But that simply isn't true. Sure, Heath Shuler and Bob Casey are pro-life. And some others are more supportive of gun rights than your stereotypical Northeast liberal. Yet, on issues that really matter (Iraq, economy, environment, etc.) they all sing from the same hymnal. In fact, many of these so-called conservative Democrats are actually populists. If anything, their economic views are to the left of many "regular" Dems.

It is really sad and annoying to see the media allow Republican talking heads to spout off such obvious untruths without once calling bullshit on them. The simple fact is that Democrats scored huge wins in red districts with moderates and liberals. For every Heath Shuler, there is a John Yarmuth. In fact, there are no more than three or four newly elected Democrats who could reasonably be labeled conservative. There are many more who are liberal and even more who would be considered moderate.

So, this ridiculous Republican/media meme that conservative Dems retook Congress is simply insane. Shame on CNN and the rest of the media for allowing such nonsense to be peddled without challenge.


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