Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Party of One

So, the dust has begun to settle in Connecticut and Holy Joe still thinks he is more important than his Party. Despite his resounding defeat, HoJo will soldier on, in an effort driven solely by his megalomania, in his attempt to hold onto his beloved Senate seat. If there was any doubt in your mind about Joe's true allegiances, they should be gone right now. HoJo cares only about himself and his party of one.

Remember, if you will, that when HoJo was on the 2000 ticket he failed to relinquish his Senate seat. If Gore had been victorious, the Senate seat from CT would have been appointed by the state's Republican governor. At the time, folks asked HoJo not to run simultaneously for VP and Senate. There were other Democrats that could have run for Senate and held the seat for the Democrats. But HoJo would have none of that. He did not care if he became VP and a Republican took over his Senate seat because for HoJo, it's all about him. Party be damned, people of CT be damned. Nothing will get in his way of holding onto his seat.

In many instances that sort of determination would be admirable. But here, it stands in stark contrast to HoJo's near fellating of Dick Cheney during their 2000 VP debate; his actual fellating of W;, and, his "shut the f*ck up" to Democrats who criticize his beloved president Bushie.

HoJo would make an interesting case study for psychologists. What is it that causes someone to become so self absorbed and sanctimonious? In that sense, HoJo is a great deal like his BFF Bushie. Neither tolerates questioning or dissent; both believe that he alone is correct and divinely inspired. And both are truly, truly scary and dangerous to the US and our democracy.


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ugh. of course he's not loyal to his party. his party just ejected him. and yeah, is it surprising that he considers his beliefs more important than those of the democratic party in general. He's a democrat only because his views fit in with the rest of the party's generally. Parties are just a means for people with similar views to get together and promote one another. They're booster clubs. If the party went right, I bet he'd leave it - why? because it would not fit into his beliefs. it's not about parties, it's about beliefs. Likewise, it's not about democrats, it's about americans. Of course he's trying to defeat a man whose views he believes to be poisonous. He's a senator because he'd like to see HIS view of america realized.

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