Friday, November 18, 2005

When Wingnuts Attack

Twelve of the GOP's finest Congressmen came out swinging at Congressman Murtha after he called for withdrawing US troops from Iraq. The list, as well as their statements, can be found here. This all got me to thinking- how many of the twelve had actually served in the military? Turns out only five of the twelve, with just one actually seeing combat. A couple of the other four had military service during the same time period as the Vietnam War, but not combat service.

Why is this important? Because these bozos are trying to make the ridiculous argument that John Murtha is the same as uber lefty Michael Moore. This is despite that fact the Murtha is probably one of the most hawkish Democrats in Congress. Oh, and he served in both Vietnam and Korea, and was awarded the Navy Distinguished Service Medal. (Murtha has a total of 38 years of military service in the Marine Corps and Reserves.)

Needless to say, Murtha has far more experience as a combat veteran than the twelve GoOPers combined. But then again, the American people chose a Vietnam evader (Bush was busy playing volleyball with "ambitious secretaries" in Alabama) and his five Vietnam deferments sidekick (Cheney claimed to have had "other priorities") over a decorated Vietnam War veteran. Ugh.


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