Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Poor Andie

There is nothing quite so sad as a former Bush admirer holding onto his love. And, Sully clearly has some issues letting go. Sure, he endorsed Kerry last year, but in his heart of hearts, he still was quite enamored with the Cokehead from Crawford.

Lately, poor Andie has resorted to a bit of revisionist history and logical origami. His latest drivel about how WMD was not the only reason given for invading Iraq is simply wrong. It was the centerpiece of Bushie's deceit (didn't Andy see Colin Powell's performance at the UN). Sure, they trotted out some other touchy-feely reasons- human rights, women's rights- but the key to getting the American people to sign onto the notion that invading Iraq was an adjunct to the War on Terror was Saddam's supposed WMD program.

To claim anything else, as Sullivan does, is to be blind to the reality of this administration's many deceits. But, then, maybe love is blind.


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