Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Damn.. I Always Miss the Good Stuff

Apparently, the Senate Democrats finally had their testicles descend. Hooray for Harry Reid and Carl Levin for exposing the bullshit of Frist, Roberts et al in their coverup of Bushies great big lie to the American people (also known as the Iraq War). Hopefully this signals a new willingness of Senate Dems to fight against the GOP and their brain-dead supporters (ie, Faux News viewers, listeners of the Fat Pill Addict, etc.).

Could it be that we will actually see a filibuster over the nomination of Alito? Will the GOP invoke the nukular (Bush-talk) option and throw out hundreds of years or Senate rules?

The Democrats in the Senate should ignore the chattering classes warnings about over-playing their hand. Let's look at reality for a moment. Bushie's approval rating is in the neighborhood of Nixon's post-Watergate numbers. The Vice President's COS just got indicted. The American people say the country is on the wrong track. By a huge margin, people thought the Republicans in the Senate were wrong on Terri Schiavo. Most people say the Iraq War was a mistake. Most believe the administration did not tell the truth. The list goes on and on and on. From just about every point imaginable, the American people are rejecting Bushie and the Congressional GOP.

So, please tell me why on earth Democrats should back down now? The GOP will trot out its taking points and they will be dutifully "reported" by Faux and the rest of the MSM. But the Dems need to expose the lies inherent in the GOP's arguments. Let's look at some of them.

(1) Scooter Libby was indicted for speaking to reporters and it is nothing major.
Reality Libby was indicted for participating in an orchestrated effort to silence a critic of the administration by outing a known covert CIA operative. (Just read the indictment) Libby is the first sitting White House staffer to be indicted in over 100 years.

(2) Prosecutor Fitzgerald has a political axe to grind.
Reality Fitzgerald is a REPUBLICAN US Attorney. He was appointed by Bush. And was selected by Bushie's DOJ to look into the leaking of Valeria Plame's identity.

(3) Alito is a not a judicial activist.
Reality Bullshit. Conservatives define judicial activists as those who use their own views to interpret the Constitution (ie, legislate from the bench). Unless Alito has some sort of direct connection to Jefferson, Madison et al, Alito must allow his own views to influence his rulings. The reality is that Alito is just as activist as any other judge, but his activism comports with the Radical Right's desire for a theocracy.

(4) Alito is not anti-Roe
Reality Even his mother says he would overturn Roe v. Wade. Nuff said.

So, I say, let the filibuster begin. Let the GOoPers in the Senate invoke their beloved nuclear option. And then let them explain to the majority of Americans who support abortion rights why they saw the need to throw out over one hundred years of Senate rules in order to place an anti-choice theocrat on the nation's highest court. If I could have just one holiday wish, this would be it.

I recall what happened when Clinton over-reached and the country turned on Congressional Dems in 1994. The combination of ramming through an anti-choice theocrat and the Iraq War lies are the perfect tonic to wake middle America up from its stupor. Heck, it may even be simple enough for the Faux News (we distort, you decide) lemmings to understand.

There is blood in the water. If Democrats fail to attack now, then they no longer deserve to represent one half of America's people.


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