Friday, October 28, 2005

The Party of Personal Responsibility??

Remember the good old days, back in the Clinton administration, when the GOP lectured us regularly about personal responsibility, morality, and ethics? Well, apparently those admonitions did not apply to fellow GoOPers. Quelle surprise!!

Everyone already knows about the ethical problems in the White House. But the Grand Old Police blotter has many, many entries. The above linked story is about Tom Noe, who has been indicted on campaign finance violations. Mr. Noe funneled over $45,000 to Shrubby's reelection effort through friends. Of course, this is on top of his other troubles, namely the $13 million that disappeared from the rare coin collection he managed for the Ohio workers' comp fund.

So, next time your "right-thinking" neighbors lecture you on personal responsibility, point them in the direction of the Grand Old Police blotter. And, of course, remind them just who they voted for in the past. Then, tell them to shut the hell up.


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