Monday, October 24, 2005

Spare Me

1. God's own circus' lecture on morality. Until the Bible-thumping red staters can get their divorce rates down below the blue states, they need to shut up about gay marriage ruining the institution and society. And, save me the lecture about sexual morality until you get rid of your boy loving priests and child molesting leaders.

2. "Remember 9-11" right next to Bush-Cheney stickers. You know what, I remember that day quite vividly. I recall worrying about whether some of my friends and family were alive. I also remember this crucial piece of information- Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda were the perpetrators. And, the last time I checked Osama was still alive, despite the cowboy in chief's proclamation (over four years ago) that he would be caught dead or alive. So, please spare me your rhetoric about remembering and pull your head out of your anus, turn off Faux News and shut up.

3. The crap about Iraq war opponents as America haters. The right, if not duty, to dissent is ingrained in the American experiment. Besides, if you love America so much, why aren't you off in Iraq fighting for her?


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