Monday, November 07, 2005

Isn't Zero Even Less

I can't help but be both amused and angered by the Iraq Holiday apologists contortions over the death count. Today Andrew Sullivan lets us know that the average number of deaths per month is the lowest military death rate of any war in US history. Gee thanks, Andrew. I am sure that makes the families of the over 2000 soldiers killed in Bushies little war of choice feel oh so much better.

Of course, Andrew's point is utter bullshit. Those other wars were, by and large, not wars of choice (we can all debate Vietnam and Korea). So to compare the rate of deaths in the Iraq Holiday with those of World Wars I and II, Civil War and Revolutionary War is patently ridiculous, facially absurd and intellectually dishonest. But, to expect anything more from the Shrub's amen corner is equally absurd.


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