Monday, November 07, 2005

How Low Can the Bushies Go?

There clearly is no low to which the Bush fascists will not stoop. Now, their IRS goons are threatening the tax status of a Pasadena church where the former rector was so brazen as to speak out against the Iraq Holiday from the pulpit.

I'm sure you're asking yourself how this is different from the scores of right wing preachers and their just us sunday? And what about all of those handy dandy voter guides circulating through Southern Baptist and other fundamentalist churches over the past twenty years? Where the hell has the IRS been?

Oh wait.. I forgot.. the IRS, along with the rest of the federal government, did not become this politicized until Herr Bush and Fuhrer Cheney came to power. And we all know that only conservative right wing religious bigots are real Christians. The Bushies are merely enforcing the fatwahs of Falwell, Robertson et al to rid the world of all but their madrasas.
hat tip:americablog


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