Saturday, November 05, 2005

Ethics for Dummies?

So, Bush is making his staff attend ethics briefings. I have to presume that they will be reading exclusively from Machiavelli's The Prince. (end of snark)

Seriously.. wasn't this the same person who claimed to be restoring dignity to the White House? Call me crazy, but I sort of assumed that dignity would encompass such things as honesty, morality and ethics. We already know that the Bushies have lied, do lie and will continue to lie. And that they certainly have skewed morals- tax cuts for the rich and service cuts for the poor; torture and violation of international norms for detainees.

More recently, we've learned that ethics are also in short supply with Shrub and Co. So, what's left of restoring dignity? Maybe dignity means that the Cokehead's only blow in the White House is the white powdery stuff?


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