Tuesday, November 08, 2005

But Will They Vote Differently?

Slow wage growth is becoming a major problem in the US. Recent data show wages failing to keep up with inflation. This is especially true for unskilled workers. These are folks who usually possess just a high school diploma. Interestingly enough, there is a strong negative correlation between educational attainment and voting for Bush (and, by assumption, other GOP candidates). So, the same people who vote for Bush and other Republicans get to bear the brunt of their policies.

Part of me thinks this is just desserts. But what about the unskilled workers who do not support the GOP? Is it fair to them, and to the rest of the country?

Perhaps a better question is the one posed in the title of this post- will they (ie, red state unskilled workers) vote differently. It reamins to be seen whether or not slow wage growth, increasing bankruptcies and other financial hardships will be enough of a shock to red-staters for them to secede from the GOP. At some point, these folks have to answer the question of what is more important- their's and the country's financial well-being or continuing to be bamboozled by the rhetoric of anti-abortion, anti-gay plutocrats?

And, please, let's not get started on the rhetoric versus results argument. How long would the GOP need to be in power to end abortion and gay rights and all those other pesky liberal social policies? The fact is that the moneyed GOP has USED the religious rubes (or, as one republican strategist called them- wackos) to continue their hold on power by feeding them red meat rhetoric sufficient to distract the rubes from what the GOP was really up to.


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