Monday, September 06, 2004

Truly Disturbing

By now, I am sure most people who spend any time reading blogs have seen this video of a young Republican kicking a female protestor. I wonder just what sort of country we are living in when a young person thinks that it is acceptable behavior to kick a female protestor when she is on the ground, held down by federal agents. The moral depravity of the past three years is sickening.

From hate based policies against gays and lesbians to a lie induced war, the Miserable Failure Bush administration has set a tone of moral depravity. True patriots who question the administration are labelled traitors, dissent is stifled quicker and more efficiently than in the Gulag era of the Soviet Union. We are slouching towards totalitarianism and half the people are so blinded by the American flag and the Bible that they do not even see it, or instead deny its reality. And that, my friends, is truly disturbing.


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