Thursday, August 19, 2004

GOP Puts Its Halloween Mask On Early Again This Year

Take a look at the RNC list of speakers and themes here. This is not the real GOP! Where are Rick "Man on Dog Sex" Santorum and the other Christian Crusaders? Maybe the GOP realizes that would not be the best face to put forward and are instead throwing some lipstick on their pig.

Let's see here.. one maverick Republican who has broken with BushCo. on taxes, gay marriage, etc. One pro-choice, socially moderate Governator. One Elephant in Donkey clothing. One former NYC mayor who famously stayed with a gay couple during his divorce proceedings.

This is all very similar to 2000 when the GOP spotlighted the four or five minorities in America who are Republicans. But one has to wonder about two things- (1) how will the religious wingnuts respond to pro-choice, moderate speakers; (2) will the So Called Liberal Media point out that the leadership of the GOP does not look anything like the highlighted convention speakers?


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