Thursday, August 19, 2004

But Will They Have a NASCAR Team?

According to this AP Article Jerry Falwell's Liberty "University" is opening up a "law school". And yes, the quotes are my way of sneering at the Religious Right's idea of higher education infused with their interpretation of the Bible. Although I am not certain of this, I assume that biology classes at the "university" probably do not spend much time on that scientific reality called evolution. One can only imagine what these wingnuts will do in a law school. Will they advocate stoning and an eye for an eye in criminal law?

On a serious note, there is a clear difference between law schools at religiously affiliated universities and how they envision their mission (ie, Georgetown, BC, Notre Dame) and the indoctrination that people like Falwell practice. This is merely one more step towards the theocracy that Falwell and his ilk would like to impose on America. (American Taliban, anyone?)


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