Saturday, August 28, 2004


I just realized that I have yet to give any updates about Atlanta or about school. So, here goes---

I am so happy to have transferred. The stress, the hassle of moving, etc. was all completely worth it. Administration at Emory is a marked improvement over Wash U. Everyone has been so helpful and friendly and welcoming. Maybe that is just a Southern thing.

I was able to get into good classes, with good professors. Some may seem a little boring, but that can happen anywhere. I was lucky enough to get one prof who shares my interest in rape statutes and we have already begun a dialogue about the issue. She has also offered her advice about courses and going on the academic market.

We have a critical mass of transfer students here, so we even have our own listserv. And that has made the transition a lot easier than it otherwise would have been. Have met a few of the other 2L's who are not transfer and all seem just nice. And while I have heard the rumors about cliqueyness, I am keeping an open mind.

My gym though, is closing down at the end of September, but they are transferring me over to Crunch, which is cool. Have met some people at the gym, though that may be because it has a large gay population and I am "fresh meat." I'd like to believe it's because people are just friendlier, though.

Overall, I just feel more comfortable here. I never felt welcome in St. Louis and that was partly because I had no intention of staying there beyond school. Whereas I am considering Atlanta as one of the cities I would practice in.

And on that front, I just made it into OCI and was fortunate enough to get a couple of bites on my resume. One is from what is considered to be THE FIRM in the Southeast. The other is from a CT, DC, Miami firm that does both financial services work (securities, reinsurance, etc.) and government relations. But soon after my casenote is done I will be blasting out somewhere between 75 and 100 resumes to firms I missed out on (those that were here in August and the resume forward bunch). I feel pretty good about the CSO here, too. They have given me very good advice and they have a good deal of success with firms in the markets I am interested in.

In short, this is just a very happy time for me. I am even doing something I never thought I would-- enjoying law school!


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