Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Maybe the Death Penalty Is Okay Sometimes

This story certainly makes me re-think my opposition to the death penalty. I am not sure that fifty years in prison is sufficient punishment for someone who rapes his daughter and leaves her so emotionally scarred that she later kills herself. Perhaps my feelings here cloud my rational judgment about notions of punishment. But if the goal of incarceration is, at least in part, rehabilitation, then I see no reason for this man to ever set foot in a jail except to wait to be executed. I do not see any way in which someone so morally depraved as to rape his own daughter can be rehabilitated. Don't tell me it is a disease, don't call it a mental illness. This man is a sick, cowardly, and morally depraved person who does not deserve to breath the same air as decent human beings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I totally aggree with you.I hate people that blam a problem on a disease or a mental illness. If you rape or kill someone that is your own flaut exspecailly if you do it just because I bealieve in the death peanlty

8:15 AM  

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