Saturday, June 05, 2004

The End is Near

According to The New York Times, Ronald Reagan's family has gathered around his bedside this weekend as the end of his great life may be near. It may come as a surprise to some musclehead readers that I would say such words with respect to the Gipper. But he is the person who inspired me to get into politics all those years ago. And because of him, many of my generation became Republicans as we became old enough to vote.

Of course, as I have matured I have moved away from the GOP quite drastically. However, irrespective of what one may think of Reagan's policies and foibles (Iran-Contra), one cannot question Reagan's love for this country. He articulated a vision of America that was good, just and proud. And he conducted himself as President in a manner that we have not seen ever since (excepting Iran-Contra, of course).

I actually have a Reagan calendar in my bedroom. In the margins are some of his words and each day I read them and they remind me that this country is great. And they bring me optimism in our ability, as Americans, to do great things for ourselves and for others. More than anything, America could use some Reagan-esque optimism in these very dark and troubling times.


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