Sunday, June 13, 2004

Why Does Speaker Hastert Hate America?

With a helpful assist from Hefty Hastert the health insurance lobby has blocked a vote on health insurance parity between physical and mental illness. This bill had 246 sponsors in the House. In other words, over half of the members thought so much of this bill that not only would they have voted for it, but they wanted their names attached as sponsors. Yet, autocrat Hefty Hastert, handmaiden of the insurance lobby, has prevented the bill from even coming up for a vote.

Next time you hear the morons on the Right ramble on about how the Left hates America because we refuse to have our liberties trampled in the name of fighting terrorism (cf, Patriot Act), remember how much Hefty Hastert and his leadership goons hate America so much that they won't even let members vote on important bills. Apparently, democracy is on the same list as freedom and liberty as things the Right is willing to betray in order to foist their notion of what's right upon we, the people.


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