Friday, June 04, 2004

Moronica for Morons!

Prof Muller has an interesting tidbit about a sense of the House resolution proffered up by the know-nothings in Congress. Basically, it says that US judges ought not use the judgments of foreign institutions as any part in their decision-making process. Umm.. hello, morons, the common law was imported from England and US courts have traditionally appropriated quite a bit of English precedent.

Honestly, these f*cking people amaze me (I hate to swear on my blog, as opposed to real life where I LOVE to swear). First the GOoPers ignore the world community and invade Iraq on false pretenses, they mock Senator Kerry for "look(ing) French", and they rename French fries. Could these people be just a bit more xenophobic? Apparently, the good old boys from Texas (and other cracker outposts) just don't want any foreign ideas infecting the minds of the cowpokes.


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