Monday, February 09, 2004

Do Re Mi...

That is the sound of the Fat Lady warming up for her Tuesday night performance. The latest Zogby polls of TN and VA give Kerry a 2-1 edge over his nearest competitor, John Edwards. TN and VA are crucial states for Edwards and Clark and if neither can come within 10 points of Kerry in at least one contest, the race will be over Tuesday night. The Kerry juggernaut looks poised to roll over anything standing in its way and Dean's stance in Wisconsin will be sort of like General Custer's.

It is almost time to congratulate the Senator from Massachusetts and begin the work needed to oust Bush Co. from the house Rehnquist gave them. Those who supported others in the primary process must not only coalesce around the nominee, but also have a duty to keep the nominee on track and provide a bit of real backbone.


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