Saturday, January 24, 2004

Are You Angry Enough?

From AI---
If you're not angry about what Bush has done to the environment, education, foreign relations, U.S. workers, our judiciary, and on and on; if you're NOT filled with passion to send this administration packing and get the U.S. back on a sustainable and sane path, you're just not paying attention.

I understand where AI is coming from, and up to a point agree with him. I may not be quite as mad at what this "president" has done to OUR country, but I am pretty pissed off. Probably more than anything else I am repulsed by this administration's giant suck up to Christian Conservative bigots- from appointing John Ashcroft as AG to defending man-on-dog sex Senator Santorum. But I am also mad at his inept foreign policy, his elevation of rhetoric over results (cf, AIDS funding, NCLB, etc.), his unqualified and extreme judicial nominations and his Labor Department's attempts to screw hourly workers.

But where AI and I depart is over our own rhetoric. AI and other Deaniacs tend to shoot from the frothy lips, as it were. There is no internal editor/censor to filter out the more incendiary comments. Although I tend to think that most people think/feel as I do with respect to the current squatter in the White House, the fact is they do not. And we need to understand that vitriolic rhetoric has its limits and that it may very well turn off the moderate Americans whose support we need to win in November.


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