Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Random Musings

1) After next Tuesday we will have a two man race. Kerry will be man number one and either Edwards or Clark will be hombre numero dos.

2) Dean allowed his base to sway him from his record as a centrist governor, as evidenced by Kerry's take of just over 50% of self described moderates in NH primary.

3) Lieberman is living in La-La Land. A three way tie for third? Huh? It's time to step aside Joe.

4) Edwards is, without a doubt, the best speaker in the race.

5) Has Dennis Kucinich found a wife yet? And, will he drop out once he has?

6) Al Sharpton will place last in SC, proving that most African Americans know a charlatan when they see one.

7) Clark was sunk in NH because Dean was sunk in IA. Kerry killed two birds with one stone, or sunk two battleships with one missile, whichever metaphor suits you.


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