Thursday, January 22, 2004

More on Gay Marriage and the Religious Right Bogeyman

Note: This is an email I got in response to my post below with respect to the Religious Right and their opposition to gay marriage. I think the points made are valid and I do recognize my own use of the Religious Right as a convenient whipping boy.

I do agree with your basic position on this matter. My only observation, comment etc is that you ascribe this philosophy against the right to marry to the "Religious Right" time after time. The opposition to what you and I both believe in comes from all over the political spectrum, both right and left, Republicans and Democrats. I think that the strategy of positioning the opposition to the "right" as you do in your commentary is part of an overall strategy (conspiracy if you will) to prevent the thing from occurring. Why I say this is that every time I hear of a poll on the subject, supposedly there is overwhelming support for handcuffing marriage to be a union between one man and one women. I have heard polls in the 80% range. As both you and I know, the persons comprising the "Religious Right" is not composed of 80% of the population. Getting back to the point. If we can't educate the majority of the people that marriage can be as rewarding to society between one man and one woman, as well as one man and one man or one woman and one woman, we lose. The same arguments which support the "franchise" for a man and a women, weigh equally in favor of man/man or woman/woman. Society is stabilized; children have role models, support and nurturing by two individuals versus one; persons who care for one another are protected vis a vis health benefits, pensions, transfer of property at death etc. I liken back to thinking what kind of a society we would be if we still thought that persons of color were inferior or shouldn't marry white people, or that women are not as capable as men etc. In any event, just my thoughts.


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