Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Call Me Impressed!

Anyone who has read my P2004 posts has noticed my fondness for Senator Edwards, even as I supported General Clark. However, after last night's performance in Iowa I have decided to switch teams. I even went so far as to offer my help next month here in Missouri, if the Senator decides to campaign here (I hope he will, and I hope a Gephardt endorsement is not far off).

I have always liked Edwards and in fact he was my first choice up until Clark got into the race. I was concerned about Edwards lack of traction and allowed that to color my perspective. I put too much emphasis on early polling data and those numbers did not look good for Edwards chances of winning the nomination and ultimately ending the Bush Reign of Error.

So maybe, just maybe I was wrong. And I violated one of my own rules of politics, which is that you support the candidate that your heart tells you is right. I did this as a consultant, turning down more lucrative offers from better positioned candidates all because I felt a connection with my candidate. It made me a loser in some respects, but I never, ever felt like a whore, which was so much more important to me.


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