Monday, January 19, 2004

Winners and Losers


HoHo Dean- who would have thought the good doctor would not only come in third, but not even be within hailing distance of second place? What does it say that in a largely pacifist state an anti-war candidate gets only 18% of the delegates, as compared with 70% for two pro-war contenders?

Dick Gephardt- apparently labor union support is not enough to win Iowa any longer. This is a sad ending to a distinguished career in public service.

Wesley Clark- the General was all set to play anti-Dean as the Doctor surged into New Hampshire. With Dean struggling is there a need for an anti-Dean? Or, if such a need still exists does the task fall to John Kerry or John Edwards?


John Kerry- Wow.. where did this come from? Although polls showed the Senator from Massachusetts gaining, no one estimated he had the sort of ground troops to lead the pack in such a decisive victory. With his numbers already going up in NH before tonight, I expect him to climb into first in NH with his bounce. He will overtake Clark and Dean in the Granite State. May be on his way to the nomination and the recycled Clinton nickname of Comeback Kid.

John Edwards- Another wow here. Second place? And within several points of first and ahead of the presumed front runner by double digits. Edwards had shown that he could raise money in the Q1, and one has to assume that his showing in Iowa will rev up the dollar machine again. Edwards has at the least put his name at the top of the VP stakes for the time being.


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