Wednesday, December 17, 2003


Given that my school does so little (in my opinion) to help 1L's land firm jobs for their first summer, it is especially disappointing that they schedule receptions in two major cities over break. Given that nearly everyone is home until January 10th-ish, it seems RIDICULOUS to schedule receptions in NYC and Chicago on January 8th and 6th. The timing would preclude attendance by most everyone but those individuals from the NYC and Chicago areas, which is a rather small percentage of the school body. However, MANY people want to practice in NYC. I know that it would be impossible for me to attend either given that I will be in Boston until the 9th.

And what is with the lack of notice? We get the invite for January 6 and 8 on December 17. Three weeks notice to reschedule your winter break plans? Yeah right!

Sometimes I wonder just what I get from the $32,000 per year I pay for tuition. Does that not include a decent CSO? Is there an extra fee I need to pay?


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