Wednesday, July 16, 2003

It's Time to Go, Joe

While I am sure this post will anger the Lieberman fans out there, all 10 of you, it is time for the Senator to quit the race. This week has been an absolute debacle for the former VP candidate. He fired his fundraising team for their lack if acumen, while raising eyebrows for the six-figure salaries the campaign is paying to his eldest children. He was also bitch slapped by the NAACP for pulling a no-show at their cattle call.
Lieberman entered the race with an enormous advantage in name recognition and a national base developed during the 2000 race, yet he has failed to catch fire. There are a number of potential reasons for Lieberman's failure- his unabashed support for the war; his holier than thou tone; his uninspiring rhetoric; his enabling of the Enrons of the world; etc.
Whatever the reason it is time for Lieberman to bow out gracefully, before his reputation sustains further damage. It would also allow his supporters to coalesce around another New Democrat candidate, such as John Edwards.


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