Friday, July 11, 2003

Policy of Truth?

Remember back in 1999 and 2000 when George Bush pledged to restore the honor and integrity to the White House? It was one of his main campaign themes as the anti-Clinton. He claimed that the White House would not be auctioned off for campaign contributions, nor would he lie to the American people.
However, he has failed to live up to his promises. This White House has consistently sold access and policy to the highest bidder (see energy panel and tax policy, among others). But the big lie came in the run up to the Iraq War. The president claimed that Iraq was attempting to procure nuclear material from Africa, despite ample evidence to the contrary. In fact, it does seem curious that the president cited British intelligence in his State of the Union speech.
Recent reports indicate that the White House likely knew that the Niger documents were forgeries and that it was long known that the centrifuges Iraq had obtained were not of the the quality for nuclear fissure. In other words, there is mounting evidence that the administration fabricated a case against Iraq.
Now, I am one of the people who thought that the chemical and biological weapons alone were reason to depose of Saddam. But I am not sure that my fellow Americans would have felt the same. And they were not given the chance, because this administration made its case on a bogus nuclear threat and a fatuous Al Qaeda connection.
This president put American lives at risk for a war that America may not have supported if given the full and accurate facts. The White House has also engaged in a massive disinformation campaign after the war, such that a majority of Americans believe WMD have been found in Iraq, despite the fact that they have not. And many Americans still believe there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda, despite the fact that there was not.
And the media is finally waking up to the president's deceptions. Of course, his supporters are alleging media bias and also pointing to former president Clinton's lies. It is quite amusing to see the so called moral purists on the Right trying to equate lying about a blowjob with a lie that put thousands of American lives at risk. And they say the Left are the moral relativists! Anyone who really believes that sexual improprieties are equal to American soldiers dying is either a lying partisan or a simpleton.
George Bush and his cronies are simply not worthy of the trust of the American people. It is easy to stand at a podium, protected by a gaggle of Secret Service agents and say "bring it on." It is especially galling given the president's lack of military service. He has never been in harm's way and yet he has put thousands of our service members lives at risk for his big lie.
And this is what he calls restoring dignity to the White House? Maybe if you consider Nixon the paragon of dignity.


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