Tuesday, July 08, 2003

Open Minded

That is how I would describe myself with regards to the P2004 race. No candidate has wowed me into support. I started out as somewhat of a Lieberman supporter, but then his constant moralizing and god-talk just spooked me. Plus, I question his commitment to individual rights, which is a major consideration in deciding who to support. I have also given some thought to Graham, Kerry and Edwards. But Graham has largely fallen off the radar and seems to be stuck as a second tier candidate due to his lack of fundraising success and his conspiracy theories regarding the current administration. Edwards is somewhat attractive, if only he would lose some of the Gore-ish sounding faux populism. I loathe class warfare and Edwards has seemed all too willing to go there. Though, I must say that his speech at Georgetown was magnificent and hit the right notes about hard work versus crony capitalism. And Kerry has a great resume, is thoughtful and intelligent, but he fails to inspire in me any sense of passion. He also exhibits a bad Gore trait- trying to be everything to everyone, a panderer. The genius of Bill Clinton was that he embraced certain universal values and tried to rise above petty pandering. None of the current crop has impressed me enough to declare my support, though I think that there are many good candidates. But I don't like to settle for good. I want to be inspired, moved, made to feel that this person has a sense for where they want to take the country.
I do not know if either Clark or Biden can be that person, either. Biden pushed the RAVE Act through Congress, another civil liberties killer that I detest. And Clark is still tabula rasa, for all intents and purposes. However, I do believe Clark is bright, passionate and has the right temperament for a leader and so I am most interested in hearing his positions fleshed out once he officially enters the race (which I think he will do soon).
But for now, I keep an open mind and hope that someone lights my fire. I am pinning my hopes on either Edwards, Kerry or Clark.


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