Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Politic's Most Overused Term
Working families
What does this term even mean? If one looks it at literally, it means a family in which one or more members work. Therefore, the only people who are not part of a working family are single folks who work or not work, couples in which both spouses as well as all of their underage children are either retired and/or unemployed. This is such a small percentage of America, that nearly EVERYONE is a part of a working family.
So then why must politicians continue to use this nomenclature? Well, it probably sounds better than just saying a generic term for Americans. Perhaps by saying working families, they may be trying to avoid "working class", especially since most Americans consider themselves middle class. Plus, I think there is a bit of class warfare here- working families, to a degree, might exclude the rich. Such that when Edwards (or Gore) says "I want to fight for working families" many of his listeners hear "Tax the rich."


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