Thursday, May 15, 2003

Jesse's Hypocrisy
So, Jesse Jackson thinks that Alabama chose a less qualified white coach over a more qualified African American? And what does he base this on- quantitative factors such as years of coaching, head coach experience, etc. Now, as I noted before, I don't claim to know why 'Bama picked Shula. However, if it was a decision based on race, then I would say such a decision is wrong and runs counter to what universities ought to stand for. In other words, I would stand shoulder to shoulder with Jesse.
Yet, it seems odd that Jackson would not only fail to speak out, but actually support, those same types of race conscious decisions when made by the University of Michigan. When the University choses to accept minority applicants who have quantitative factors- GPA, LSAT or SAT- that are less than their white counterparts, they are engaging in exactly what Jackson alleges Alabama has done. Then why is it wrong for 'Bama to chose an underqualified white and not wrong for Michigan to chose an underqualified minority?
Oh, the irony of it all.


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