Wednesday, March 12, 2003

After I posted this about Congressman Moran's anti-Semitic comments yesterday I got to thinking whether or not it is substantially the same as the racist comments made by former Senate Majority Leader Lott. I think the key difference, to me, is that Moran is not in a position of power as was Lott. However, I do think the comments were equally offensive and worthy of condemnation.
Appropriately, the House Minority Leader Pelosi issued a statement which said, "Congressman Moran's comments were not only inappropriate, they were offensive... His comments have no place in the Democratic Party." And Senate Minority Leader Daschle said, "They are out of order and totally not in keeping with the facts or with the degree to which we expect people to act in a civil and meaningful way on debates as important as this."
I am still not sure if Moran should resign. I thought Lott should have not only stepped aside as Majority Leader, but left the Senate entirely. Maybe Moran should fall on his sword to show that the Democratic Party will not tolerate anti-Semitism the way that the GOP tolerates racism.


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