Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Dumb and Dumber
As I noted before, I think the partial birth abortion bill is a waste of time and a move that panders to a very narrow group of "Christian" conservatives. But to make matters worse, the Republican controlled Senate defeated a proposal that would have limited the number of abortions in America.
Senators Murray and Reid proposed an amendment that would have ensured greater access to emergency contraception (i.e., the morning after pill) at hospital emergency rooms as well as required health plans with a prescription drug benefit to provide for contraceptives. (Note: most insurance companies will provide contraceptive coverage if a doctor determines it is medically necessary for a woman's health and most ob-gyn's are more than willing to say that is the case.)
Once again, the religious zealots who control the Republican Party have shown their cards. Senator Santorum said this, in opposition to the proposal, "I believe that life begins at conception and drugs that would prevent a conceived embryo from being implanted, I would not support that." Rather than make abortions safe, legal and rare, the GOP and its minions of "Christians" would rather abortion be dangerous and criminal. And GOP operatives wonder why they there is a gender gap.. DUH.
(full story at CNN)


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